How Do You Take the Pulses of the Foot?


The ideal place to feel the pulse on your leg would be to position your index and middle fingers at the back of the ankle, specifically the bone located on the medial and inner side of the foot. You can also feel pulse on the foot by placing your middle and index fingers on the front part of the foot.
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1. Ask the person to lie down on his back or sit in a chair with a footrest so that his heels are resting on the bed or footrest and the toes are pointing upward. 2. Place two fingers
the pulse on the top of the foot is called the dorsalis pedis artery pulse.
The pulse in your foot is from the posterior tibial artery. Thanks for using ChaCha1
There are two main spots- 1. one on the topside of your foot: use 1st and 2nd fingers and touch your toe and 2nd toe. Then slide your fingers away from the toes until you reach a
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To check a pulse in your foot, find the groove between inner anklebone and the Achilles tendon which runs from the back of the heel into the calf where the posterior ...
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