How Do You Take the Rear Door Panels off a 2004 Dodge Truck?


To remove the rear door panels from a 2004 Dodge truck, first you will need to remove the two screws at the bottom of the door. Next, the screw from behind the handle needs removed.
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you have to press inward and towards the door on the outside of the cover. it is a hook and grove type cover. harder to get back on then to take off.
Remove the two upper door panels(they just pop
Sandy, I can only assume that you have fixed whatever issue you were having by now since this post is about 4 months old but, I'd like to give an answer anyway. In order to remove
you have to remove part of the trim that goes around those then remove the seat belts,and then remove any screws that it has holding it on,then the will pop off,but be careful that
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