How Do You Tell Diffrence between Female and Male Guinea Pigs?


To know what gender your guinea pig is, examine its genital area, if you notice a puckered looking spot just above the genital area, it's a good possibility that you're holding a male, next, press gently just above the genital area and if the guinea pig is a male, his penis should come out. Male guinea pigs are usually somewhat larger than the females, the males also tend to be much more active than the females.
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1. Look at the genital area on your guinea pig. Most guinea pigs will have an area that looks like the letter Y. Female guinea pigs will usually look puffy or bumpy in this area.
This is an easy thing to do. The males will have a penis. The females do not.
Both male and female guinea pigs have basically 'Y' shaped 'bits', however you can see a 'round dot' in the top of the 'Y' in the male which will distend..MORE?
Hello Nesha, If you gently part the genital opening a female will normally have a Y shaped opening. If it is a male you can gently push about the genitle area and make the penis slightly
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To properly check the sex of a guinea pig, the owner must flip it over on its back and spread its hind legs apart to look at its rearmost quarters. Guinea pigs ...
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