How Do You Tell Diffrence between Female and Male Guinea Pigs?


To know what gender your guinea pig is, examine its genital area, if you notice a puckered looking spot just above the genital area, it's a good possibility that you're holding a male, next, press gently just above the genital area and if the guinea pig is a male, his penis should come out. Male guinea pigs are usually somewhat larger than the females, the males also tend to be much more active than the females.
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Knowing the sex of the guinea pig you own or what sex you're buying or rescuing will help prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future. Identifying the sex of a guinea pig can be challenging
male: has a big ball near genital area and butt is shaped as an i female: no ball and butt is shaped as a y
Hello Shawn, Gently press on the area just above the gentials, if he is a "he, this should extrude the penis. You should also be able to feel the shaft the penis retracts into.
Both male and female guinea pigs have basically 'Y' shaped 'bits', however you can see a 'round dot' in the top of the 'Y' in the male which will distend..MORE?
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The best way to tell the difference between a male and a female guinea pig is to hold the guinea pig and put a little pressure on it's bum, if the winky comes ...
In order to determine if your guinea pig is a male or female you will need to inspect its genital area. If it is a male you should be able to see testicles that ...
To find out if a guinea pig is a male or female, you need to carefully pick up the guinea pig and examine its genital area. If you notice a puckered looking spot ...
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