How Do You Tell If a Fish Is Pregnant?


You can tell that a fish is pregnant by looking out for the signs of spawning. These include changes in colour on the fish, courtship from other males, hovering around a certain corner of the tank, and the most obvious one, a swollen belly. If any of these signs are present, then your fish is about to spawn.
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Much like humans and other animals, when a fish is pregnant you will be able to see her stomach getting wider. In addition to weight gain, you will also notice little dark spots on
1. Watch for any behavioral changes in your female molly fish. Some of the changes in behavior are that she may move slower in the water, stay away from other fish and eat more. 2
You wouldn't ever be able to tell this, because carp fish do not get pregnant. Pregnancy implies carrying the young internally, which carp do not do.
1. According to the American Pregnancy Association, you could get a lot of morning sickness. Due to very elevated levels of hormones in your body, particularly Human chorionic gonadotropin
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The best way to tell if you have a fish that is pregnant is if she has grown wider quickly. Also if a light colored fish's tummy turns a darker shade, she may ...
You can tell when your fish is pregnant if she is refusing to eat and if her belly becomes bigger and bulges on the sides. Also due to the extra weight the fish ...
You can tell if a Molly fish is pregnant if you can see the bulge in the stomach. Usually, they are pregnant for around one month. The birth rate for these fish ...
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