How Do You Tell If a Ticketmaster Ticket Is Real?


To tell if a ticketmaster is real or fake, look for subtle signs. The barcode number will often be 17 numbers instead of 16. Also, some fake tickets are made out of regular printing paper, not thermal paper that real tickets are made out of. Sadly, scammers are getting better at this all the time, and it is becoming harder and harder to tell real tickets from fake ones. It is best to buy from a venue.
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You scored tickets to a hot concert. You've waited for months to see the show. The last thing you want is to get to the venue only to find out that your tickets are fake. With today's
A real Ticketmaster ticket isn't printed on normal
Glad you asked! So, you want to know if your ticket is authentic, eh? Well, what you need to do is look at the bottom of the ticket while running the ticket under cold water. If you
Unfortunately, you take your chances on the secondary market, technically, the tickets aren't supposed to be resold. Most of the fraud prevention measures would be so they can test
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