How Do You Tell If Your Eastern Collard Lizard Is Male or Female?


Crotaphytus collaris, commonly known as collared lizards, can be easily differentiated by gender by observing their color. Males are very bright in color. They carry hues of brown, green, blue or yellow. The skin of the female is duller compared to their male counterparts. The hues are also limited to beige or blue-green.
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1. An adult male bearded dragon has a large triangular shaped head. Observe your bearded dragon for male or female indicators as it progresses from a hatchling to sub-adulthood. Pay
I'm pretty sure you look at their eyes. For instance: if they have " eye lashes " then their gender is female. Another way is the pattern of their skin.
The Hemipenal bulge is really noticeable then your lizard is most
From this website: (…. Males have a larger and far more triangular head than females and when grabbed roughly they may exert their
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