How Do You Tell Male and Female Crayfish Apart?


Crayfish is a freshwater crustacean known to be part of the ancient sea creatures because of fossils found in Australia. They are part of the family of lobsters. In order to tell male and female crayfish apart, visual observation is necessary. First would be on the toughness of its swimmerets or the appendages on the bottom of the tail or abdomen. Female crayfish has softer swimmerets compared to the male crayfish. Male crayfish have hardened and enlarged swimmerets especially the two most anterior part. Most parts are clearly visible and defined among crayfish like its cephalothorax, carapace and telson.
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1. Check the size. According to the book "Small Scale Crayfish Farming, male crayfish are longer with larger claws. 2. Examine the abdomen. Female crayfish have larger abdomens
Like lobsters, the swimmerettes (the tiny swimming paddles on the anterior of the tail section) will be longer in the female and shorter in the male - usually. The males have yellow
Crayfish are dimorphic which means that yes you could
1. Look at the fish's papilla (or breeding tube) This is a small pink organ on the underside of the fish between the ventral fin and the anal fin. After spawning, the female angelfish
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