How Do You Tell Male and Female Geese Apart?


The following can be done. Observe the actions of the geese. When they reach maturity (about three years old), the male tends to be more dominant and aggressive than the female, especially in mating season. The male is more protective of the nesting area as well. Listen to the sounds of geese, the male goose lets out a high-pitched honking sound to attract the female when they are ready to mate while female lets out a low-toned quack when she is ready to mate. The female geese have a slender neck while the male one has a thick neck.
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How to Tell Male & Female Geese Apart
Male and female geese appear to look exactly alike. Adult males look very similar to adult females since they help with the incubation, development, nesting, and rearing of the chicks. Male and female geese mate once a year. With both caring for the... More »
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