How Do You Tell the Difference between a Male and a Female Rabbit?


To tell the difference between a male and a female rabbit, hold the rabbit in a craddling position on it back - they will usually relax into a hypnotic state. Go to the genital area and separate the fur to reveal the vent area under his tail where his genitals are located. Press down lightly just above the anus to make the area protrude. If you see a vertical slit with pink folds of skin of either side, it is a female. On the male, you will see a tiny pink or white tube-like organ without pink sides. The younger the rabbit, the harder it is to tell the sex.
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1. Turn the rabbit over so that you are looking at the belly. It helps if you have someone holding the rabbit to keep it still. 2. Examine the area between the rabbit's hind legs.
it depends on the age. but a male has two pink testicles and a female does not. if the rabbits are babies it will take a few months to find out. It is very very difficult to tell
You can tell by looking in between their hind legs. If there is a sack present it is a male cat. The sack may be small when they are young but you will see a round hole where the
Look at the rabbit's belly & pull up on the top
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