How Do You Test for Carbon Dioxide?


In order to test for carbon dioxide, bubble the gas through limewater (saturated calcium hydroxide solution). Carbon dioxide reacts to form calcium carbonate, which turns the liquid cloudy.
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1. Add 1 tsp. of calcium hydroxide to the clean glass jar, then fill the jar with water. Screw the lid on tight and shake the jar to dissolve the calcium hydroxide in the water, then
Place the gas in Limewater and if it is Carbon Dioxide the limewater should go cloudy.
In the laboratory, the test for carbon dioxide is to bubble it through dilute calcium
when carbon dioxide is passed through lime water also called calcium hydroxide, it turns milky due to the formation of calcium carbonate and it is insoluble in water. On further passing
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One can use lime water to test for Carbon Dioxide. Lime water will turn milky and cloudy in the presence of CO2.
Understanding the fact that carbon dioxide turns lime water cloudy, try to bubble the gas through lime water, and if in fact the limewater clouds up, carbon dioxide is present.
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