How to Tie a do Rag?


Most people tie a do rag, or head wrap, at the back of their neck. You can place the wrap on your head and simply take the strings and tie at the back of your head. Women tend to wrap them around and then tie, so they do not have strings hanging.
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1. Measure from the center of your forehead around one side of your head to the nape of your neck. Add 1 inch. 2. Lay a cloth tape measure on a piece of paper and draw a line that's
Place on your head with the centerpiece on top, start a knot, tighten until your eyeballs pop, put centerpiece down, finish knot over the center. Now you are stylin' and profilin'
1. Determine the size of your head as compared to the dew-rag (the rag) 2. If your head is medium to small and your rag is anything but small, jump to the section labeled "Large
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It is very simple to tie a dew rag. First you should place the dew rag on your head. Next pull the two strings to the back of your head tightly. Once the strings ...
A dew rag is a cloth or scarf normally worn to cover your hear or protect your hairstyle. The term is also spelled doo-rag, du-rag, do-rag or durag. It is actually ...
The long part of a dew rag is going to go in the back of your head, hanging down. You should put the circle part over the top of your head leaving some on your ...
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