How Do You Tie a Hair Rig?


The hair rig is piece of fishing tackle that allows you to present baits without them sitting directly on your hook. To tie the hair rig you first double the line over, then fold line back on its self to make a circle, pass the loop around the part of the circle two times finally moisten and pull tight.
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There are many different ways of making a hair rig. Using some fluorocarbon and a correctly-sized hook you can find some alternatives at
If you wish to tie a hair rig, first tying a small loop using your fingers or a loop tier at the bait end. This loop allows you to secure the boilie to the hair using a baiting needle and a boilie stop. Next, tie the knotless knot by passing the loose end of the rig through the hook eye, run it to the front then secure the line to the shank of the hook. Whip the rig and hook shank together about six times using the long end of the hook length, slip the loose end of the line through the hook eye again then tie the swivel.
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The Knotless-knot is very simple and easy to easy. First, tie a small loop using an Over-hand knot at one end of your selected hook length material. Using a Boilie ...
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To make a boat fishing rig, use the knotless knot which simply utilises the hook length material to firmly tie on the hook and produces the hair of a desired length ...
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