How do you tie a slip knot?


A slip knot is a type of knot that can 'slip' along the rope and can easily be untied by pulling one of the ends. This knot is easy to tie and commonly used in rock climbing, knitting, and securing loads on trailers. To tie a slip note, start by folding a loop under to make two loops, if you want the left side to slip, pass the left loop through the right loop. Tighten the slip knot by hand around the loop so it tightens evenly.
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1. Cut a length or rope, yarn or string. Make it at least yard long so you have plenty of string to work with while learning your knot. 2. Twist the rope to form a loop in the middle
1. Make a loop with the end of the yarn under the long end of the yarn. Ad. 2. Slip the loop to the crochet hook. Keep the loop twisted. 3. Wrap the long end of the yarn in a clock-wise
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How to Tie a Slipknot
Knots have been around as long as history itself. Knot tying has been part of primitive cultures, religious rituals and even used to cure illness! Evidence of knots has been dated as far back as 10,000 years ago and primitive man quickly made it part of... More »
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