How Do You Tone Your Obliques?


To tone obliques, you should lie on your back with the feet kept together bend your knees. Allow the knees to fall on one side the body then put your hands on the back of the neck and raise the shoulders from the floor six inches in to a crunch position. Move back to normal position in a slow motion and repeat the same process for the other side.
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1. Check your diet plan. Don't start crunching and bending without making a conscious effort to cut the calories in your daily diet. Be sure you're eating lean meats and plenty of
Here are a bunch of exercises to hit your obliques. I'd say they're all good. Mix 'em up if you can: Side planks are awesome: Side kicks are awesome (and a lot more fun): Side crunches
Crossovers Stomach Crunches are good. lay on your side. then twist your
Cardio (walk, jog, run, jump rope) You need cardio to burn fat :D That's pretty much it. And just eat healthy. Veggies, protein, carbohydrates. You don't have to push yourself when
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