How Do You Train a Ferret to Hunt?


Ferrets have been used to hunt rabbits in particular, for centuries now. It is a natural instinct for them because they are meat eaters, and they can get down very narrow burrows. To train your pet for ferret hunting, you have to block all the possible holes where he might go together with his prey. The only hole you will leave open is the one where the prey will have to come out of. Most traditional hunters do this.
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You really don't have to train your ferrets to hunt house mice, it should be a natural instinct for them to kill the mice. Also, just the smell of ferrets should keep mice away.
1. Confine the ferret to a small area, it's cage would be an excellent place for litter training to occur. Place the litter box in the corner of the cage. Make sure to securely fasten
1. Travel to your rabbit holes. 2. Use the purse nets to cover the holes. 3. Place the ferret in the hole and let its instincts take over. He/she will search the holes and will chase
just get a gun, this isnt the bronze age!
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