How Do You Train Homing Pigeons?


To train your homing pigeons, start with young birds that have not flown yet for an assured success. Place them into a wired area, called a fly pen, every day and let them loose after two weeks. Begin training when the pigeons leave for about an hour before returning to the loft and at this point, take the pigeons out five to 10 miles. Practice letting the birds return and when they have done so correctly three times, double the distance and repeat until you are satisfied that they are trained.
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Homing pigeons are very loyal birds, to their lofts that is. Regardless of where they are, they will try to fly back to where they first learned to fly when they were young. It is best to start with very young birds, as it may be hard, if not impossible to retrain an adult homing pigeon. To train a baby, you crate them up and take them a short distance from home. You increase the distance until you are sure they know their way home. If for some reason they don't, it won't be for lack of trying. Homing pigeons have been known to fly for 12 hours straight just to get home. You can find more information here:
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