How Do You Treat a Broken Cheekbone?


The best possible way to treat a broken cheekbone is to utilize an icepack. An individual can also apply a large amount of pressure to the broken cheekbone.
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I broke my cheekbone a few years ago and they let it heal on its own. However, if the x-ray reveals that it is a complete break and is pushing on your sinuses, they may need to do
There is really no way to treat a broken nose. You can't put a cast or a splint on it. What you can do is apply some ice to stop any swelling. If you experience difficulty in breathing
1. Rest your arm on a pillow immediately after the injury, especially if you notice a numbness or deformity in your wrist. Use the pillow as a temporary splint to immobilize your
1. Recognize the signs of a broken finger. Symptoms of a simple fracture can vary in intensity but usually include some of the following: Acute pain at the site of the injury. Immobility
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A broken cheekbone is most commonly treated with surgery. A incision that is about an inch long will be made in the hairline near the temple. The bone will be ...
Broken cheekbones are characterized by lopsided maxillofacial features and tenderness. There may be some localized pain though this alone is not a symptom. This ...
A face or cheekbone fracture is an injury that results in a broken bone or bones of the face. Causes of facial fractures include road accidents, assaults, gunshot ...
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