How Do You Treat White Worms in the Intestine of a Aquarium Fish?


To treat your aquarium fish for white worms, clean your tank and gravel, add aquarium salt, clean gravel daily, remove 20% of water everyday and replace with tap water, when tank is clean take gravel out until there is 1/4' of gravel. Add Quick Cure each day after cleaning. Be patient it takes time, don't feed fish as frequently.
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Your fish probably have ich (Ichthyophthirius multifilis.) Treating koi for such an illness is tricky. I find chemical ich treaments objectionable as they harm your fish as well as
The parasite that causes white spot disease can be eliminated from the aquarium with medications. However, the medication will only be effective if it is applied at the right time.
Add 2 mg. of potassium permanganate for every liter(1 liter equals about 1/4 gal. )of water in aquarium. This is available at pet stores. Goldfish get anchor worm from live food.
Ok if your fish are dying. They are dying from the ick and not the meds. It is in the late stages i Am guessing. What you can do it attack the ick 3 ways at once. Get some medicated
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To treat tropical fish with white spot disease, buy ich medication at a veterinary or aquarium drug store and follow the prescription or dosage properly and administer ...
1. This aquarium fish disease is caused by the parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Ich manifests itself by producing white spots, especially on the fins and ...
The word enchytraeus is a genus of about 40 species of annelid worms. They are usually used by aquarium enthusiasts as fish food. They are mainly white in colour ...
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