How Do You Turn on a Gas Fireplace?


Turning on a gas fireplace depends on the type of fireplace. There is usually a lever on the outside or just inside of the fireplace. You should turn it on very low, light the gas with a long lighter or match, then turn the gas up to the level you want.
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The first step to lighting a gas fireplace is to find the valve that will turn the gas on. It will most commonly consist of a valve that is mounted in the wall or brick and a key.
If you can unlock a door or start a car, then you'll be fine with turning on your gas fireplace. Look on either side of the fireplace and there will be a place for the key to go.
Usually a control valve to the side of the fireplace. Check side when gas pipe enters.
Poor horse has a fireplace inside? Look for the manufacturer's name and then do a web search for "lighting instructions". If you cannot find them, there should be knob that
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No, you don't have to turn off the gas supply line to the fireplace in the summer. It's no different than having the gas supply line on at the furnace in the summer ...
Most gas fireplaces have a ignitor switch. Turn the gas up, making sure the wall switch is turned off. Push the ignitor a few times and your all set. ...
Generally, gas fireplaces have a built-in ignitor switch. The gas key should be turned all the way up and the wall switch should be on as well. After pushing the ...
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