How Do You Unblock a Toilet without a Plunger?


To unblock your toilet without a plunger, first pour half a cup of liquid dish soap into the blocked toilet bowl followed by hot water. The weight of the water and soap should force down whatever is clogging the toilet. You may repeat this process if there is minimal improvement.
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How to Unblock a Toilet Without a Plunger
A blocked toilet can cause the flush water to overflow or rise precariously close to the rim and then drain slowly, if at all. Toilet clogs usually occur due to built-up tissue paper or when stray children's toys fall into the toilet and become stuck,... More »
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Do not keep flushing, place newspapers on the floor, remove some of the water, begin plunging, wash the plunger, if you have not been able to clear the blockage by using the plunger alone you could try using a wire coat hanger. You may need a flexible cleaning tool to reach further into the pipes. Once you think the blockage has cleared, flush the toilet to test if your handy work has paid off. Pour in a bit of household bleach or disinfectant to clear and disinfect the remaining residue in the bowl.
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