How Do You Unzip the File on to the Root of Your Memory Stick?


To unzip a file on to the root of your memory stick first you must download the file on to your desktop. The unzip the file. Now put it into the memory stick by dragging the file.
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1. Find the Memory Stick slot on the upper left side of the PSP or PSPgo. Remove the cover and then slide the Memory Stick in place with the label facing toward you. 2. Save game
1 Plug your memory stick into your computer. Most memory sticks are USB, and nearly every modern computer has at least two of these. Ad 2 Let your computer install the drivers it
the root is at the side of the psp.
Search you local business directory for Data recovery companys they should be able to recover your data (at a cost of course) If one of your friends or relatives are computer experts
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