How Do You Use a Douchebag?


You use a douche bag by filling the bag with a liquid like warm water. This bag is designed to hold the liquid until it is required for cleaning or rinsing an area of the body. These areas can include the anus or vagina.
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It's a slang term for someone who smells bad. A douche bag is an old fashion item, something a lady used to clean out the inside of her vagina, usually after her menstrual cycle or
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A douchebag is a piece of equipment that is used to hold the fluid used to introduce a stream of water into the body for hygienic or medical reasons. The body ...
The literal meaning of the word "douchebag" refers to a plastic, or small syringe-based device used to inject a solution into the vagina for cleansing ...
A douche bag is a piece of equipment used for douching. Douche usually refers to the rinsing of the vagina, or basically, any body cavity. Douchebag is also slang ...
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