How Do You Use a Lucet?


A lucet is a tool used in braiding or cord making and can be easily used. Hold the lucet in your hands and cast a figure of eight with your string over it. Then lift the bottom loop over the top loop and over the left horn and bring the top piece of string to the front of the right horn. Rotate the lucet clockwise and repeat these steps until you get the desired length.
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1. Grasp the lucet in your left hand, with the prongs pointing upward. Some lucets have a hole drilled into the handle. If there is a whole, put the short end of yarn through the
Élise Lucet was born on May 30, 1963.
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Lux in Tenebris, meaning Light in Darkness is a short 1 act farce, written in
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A knitting nancy is a device used to help you knit. It is a variation of the medieval lucet.The device is also known as Bizzy Lizzys, knitting mushrooms, knitting ...
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