How Do You Wire a Light Sensor?


To wire a light sensor, first switch off the power supply, then pull the fixture wires through the silver plate of the new fixture and connect it to the supply wires. Ensure that you connect matching wires together then attach the fixture into the junction box. Lastly, attach the right light bulbs, set the sensory settings to medium and switch it on to test.
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To wire a light sensor, start by turning off the power supply. Take out the old fixtures, pull fixture wires, connect them to the junction box, and insert the light bulbs. Set sensory adjustment to medium. Turn the power on, light switch, and wave your hand in front of the detector to see if it comes and goes.
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1. Turn the power off at the circuit breaker to ensure that you won't get shocked. You should never work on lighting with the power on. 2. Unscrew the casing that is holding the light
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Answer Would you please explain a little more as to location, function, etc, it will help us all to aid you better.
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