How Do You Work Out the Area of a Compound Shape?


To work out the area of a compound shape, simply get the area equivalent of each compound shape. Then from this just add the area of all compound shapes together.
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you split it up into two and its gt 2 sections which is a and b on a u times 2 numbers together making sure that 1 side of it is nt half it has to be full lengh then u do same on
A compound shape in geometry is a shape that has an irregular arrangement of sides or angles and must be broken down into simpler shapes before you can find the area or perimeter.
Draw smaller rectangles, find the area of each, then add the areas together. 1) 3x6=18. 2)10x2=20 2 was determined by 8-6=2. 3)2x8=16. Total = 18+20+16=54.
1. Find the length of the top line and the right hand side line. Ad. 2. Multiply the TWO lengths. Your answer to the multiplication is the area. 1. Break up the shape into rectangles
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