How do You Work Under Pressure?


To work best under pressure the best thing to do is remain calm. If you start getting frustrated or upset then you are likely to make more mistakes. Good luck!
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The main thing to remember when you have to work under pressure is to remain calm! Many things will happen in life where we have to deal with pressure. If you can recognize this and stay focused and calm, this will help tremendously.
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1. Breathe in and out. When we tend to feel overwhelmed, we forget to breathe deep. Shallow breath does not help us in situations and can only bring on and increase anxiety. Take
1 Analyze the assignment. What is it asking you to do? What is your topic? Who are you writing it for? How long does it need to be? Ad 2 Establish your deadline. How much time are
Most candidates will put a positive spin on this one and claim that they thrive under pressure. The key with this question is to look for creativity and details. Does he mention organizing
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Do your very best to remain calm under pressure. Stress is an undeniable part of life and one that is best dealt with calmly. Take a deep breath, assess your situation ...
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