How Do You Write a Dollar Amount in Words?


To write a dollar amount in words, you would simply spell out the numerical amounts. For example if you wanted to write the dollar amount of $4.75 in words, you would put down ' four dollars and seventy five cents.' The dollar sign is not needed when writing dollar amounts in words.
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1. Write or type the dollar sign. 2. Write or type the dollar amount in figures (the symbols for numbers, e.g. 1234) 3. Write or type the name of the currency of the dollar amount
One hundred forty-two thousand dollars.
This is a security measure because numbers would be relatively easy to change. It serves as a cross check as to the check issuer's intent. Embed Quote
The word dollars is completely optional. I would write it in to fill up space. If you were writing a check for $2,593.20. You might not have room for the word dollars.
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