How Do You Write a Resume for a Stay at Home Mom?


A Stay-at-Home-Mom may not have any 'real world' work experience, but you can certaintly list your education and any volunteer work you have done. This will help employers better understand your personality. Here's a site that may help you
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1. Make a list of your work history. Include all paid and unpaid work that you've done. Volunteer work for your child's school such as organizing and administering PTA events as well
The term 'Homemaker' is acceptable. Be sure to describe the duties that you performed as the profession they are. I know that you love your kids and nurture and care for them, but
1 Become a mother . If you are female, the may be as simple as paying a visit to your neighbourhood bar; if you are male, surgical procedures and adoption protocols will likely need
There are many jobs that people can do from home and business functions that can be outsourced. Graphic design and other creative work comes to mind but what if you don't have those
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To write a resume after being a stay at home mom can be quite challenging however it can be done. You need to recognize that what you have been doing at home is ...
When you are a Stay-at-Home mom and you want to go back to work, it may be hard figuring out how to list that on your resume. You can list the different skills ...
A stay at home mom can put a number of skills. An average mom has a 92-week working period, and performs more than 10 jobs. She has cooking skills, housekeeping ...
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