How do you write a resume for a stay at home mom?


According to Forbes, the best way to put together a resume for a stay-at-home parent is to create a hybrid resume with both chronological order and a skill summary. Leaving out the timeline of the resume may raise questions about possible gaps in employment. A resume that captures the timeline of previous employment, work-at-home and volunteer activities signals a complete application.

In lieu of an objective, an applicant creates a summary in the resume that includes the specific skills in the job description. When each statement begins with an action verb, it helps to paint an active picture of skills and work history. The writing process begins successfully with a list of important job duties, and then the applicant turns those into transferable skills for the resume. It is best to include skills acquired from working at home, such as balancing a budget, time management and conflict resolution, as long as it fits the job description. Time in a parent-teacher organization or as a scout troop leader also shows valuable skills in the workplace, such as leadership skills and tips for encouraging employee productivity.

Developing a network is a great asset for a stay-at-home parent. Many parents use their contacts to gain entry back into the workforce.

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