How do you write "happy birthday" in Greek?


According to Reference Translator, the phrase "happy birthday" in Greek is written using Greek letters that correspond with the words in the phrase “xronia polla.” The phrase is sometimes seen as “chronia polla.”

One of the most common birthday traditions, the placement of candles upon a birthday cake, originated in early Greek civilization. The Greek lit the candles on a birthday cake as an offering to Artemis, the moon goddess. They believed that smoke emanating from the blown candles carried prayers to heaven. These prayers were then answered.

Blowing out candles on a cake is practiced to this day. Traditionally, blowing out all the candles in one continuous breath is regarded as a good luck symbol. Silently making a wish while blowing out the candles is a favorable omen to having the birthday wish fulfilled.

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In Greek, Happy Birthday is said as 'Eytyxismena Genethlia!' or Chronia Pola!. 'Chronia Pola' is a wish for the person to live many years, and is the most common ...
Happy birthday can be translated as Bon anniversaire or Joyeux anniversaire (Note that anniversaire is a semi-false cognate). The other ways to write wish a happy ...
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