How Do Zebras Reproduce?


Zebras reproduce when a male and female come together, and the male impregnates the female. A female zebra cannot reproduce until she has reached the age of two to four years of age.
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Zebra finches will display mating behaviors all year long. These behaviors are not just for practice, as the zebra finch will mate during any month of the year. In its natural habitat
through sexual reproduction with the male ejaculating in the the females vagina who then develops the zebra inside and gives live birth.
Female zebras mature earlier than the males, and a mare may have her first foal by the
Sexually, like other mammals. horses included. take a look at this:….
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Female zebras need to reach two to four years old before she can reproduce. Male and female come together and then impregnates the female. The gestation period is 12 months.
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