How Does a Bank Function?


A bank is an organization that allows their customers to keep, borrow and exchange money. In case customer needs to deposit some money the customer goes to the bank with money and fills the deposit form with the details of the amount of money he or she intends to deposit and gives it into the cashier. If it is withdrawing money can be withdrawn over the counter or through the ATM. To borrow money the customer also visits the bank and intention to borrow money. The transaction is carried to verify the customer’s credit worthiness and if the customer deserves the money he or she is issued.
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How Banks Work
How Banks Work
The funny thing about how a bank works is that it functions because of our trust. We give a bank our money to keep it safe for us, and then the bank turns around... More »
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The function of the world bank is to be a globalist creation that manipulates the worlds money system. This is a body that is controlled by a few individuals that have the worlds
Banking activities have been occurring since the rise of humanity at the most basic level, although it is generally the 12th and 13th century Tuscan/Italian merchants that are given
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There are different kinds of banks -- pick the kind that is relevant to you, and make a list of the banks of this kind that are publicly traded; then read all of their annual reports
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