How Does a Blower Work?


In a car the blower is used for moving air from an outside source or from cabin air past the heater core. As a result it causes a heat transfer either to the inside of the car or from the outside. The blower motor's speeds are regulated by the blower motor resistor, which is situated in close proximity to the blower and in the path of the air flow.
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Blowers are fan like machines that transmit a large flow of air - perhaps in a super charger on an engine.
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A blower is basically a turbine driven from directly from the engines crank shaft. The blower intakes air, compresses it and forces it under high pressure into ...
In my experience, the only way the blower motor on a car would cause the headlights to stop working is if they are connected to the same fuse or circuit breakers ...
There are various types of blower motors. Many may only have a high setting, but some can have other settings. If you do not find any other setting but high on ...
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