How Does a Boat Motor Work?


There is one difference that a boat motor has than a car engine is that it has one cylinder that operates in two or four-stage cycles. A car motor has a gearbox. You can find more information here:
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1. Pull your boat out of the water. Thoroughly wash and clean the entire boat including the deck and the cockpit areas. Don't forget to run and drain the bilge pump so nothing is
A Tiller Instead of a Wheel. When the tiller of a sailboat is put over to change direction, the boat changes direction; if the boat is steered to the right and the tiller is not returned
Jet boat engines do not expel the jet of water below the waterline. Though this seems counter-intuitive, the amount of thrust is not dependent on pushing against the water. In fact,
1. Pull the cotter pin from the propeller nut with a pair of pliers and remove the propeller nut from the shaft with an adjustable wrench. Slide the propeller from the shaft. 2. Shift
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How Does a Boat Motor Work?
A boat motor works like a car engine. It contains a series of piston heads in cylinders that move up and down. These pistons are connected to a crank shaft, which is turned as the pistons move up and down. The force that drives the pistons and causes... More »
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