How Does a Car Battery to Explode?


A car battery explodes when you take a wire from the positive terminal of your battery and go to ground (engine block), and then try to start truck, or even turn on the radio.
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A car battery is a sealed plastic box containing lead plates and sulfuric acid. Chemical reactions take place in the battery, storing and releasing electricity. The battery may give
well if your rechargeing your system it will take around 14 oz of freon to fill the ac system up thats around 3-4 cans if your doing it yourself. make sure you dont over fill it and
1. Ensure vehicle is turned off and set in park for an automatic or in gear for a manual transmission with the parking brake on. 2. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery
1. Lift the hood of the car. Wet the battery terminals down with a little water. 2. Shake some baking soda on both battery terminals and allow it to work for a few minutes. The baking
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