How Does a Car Dynamo Work?


A car dynamo works through the rotation of tightly wound fine wires in a magnetic field which is maintained by a fixed arrangement of magnets encompassing the spinning windings of wire. The electricity produced depends on the speed at which the wires spin and the strength of the magnetic field.
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None, they are not fitted on cars now. They produced DC current directly, without the use of rectifiers. Being old technology they used simple, mechanical control devices. Not containing
Dynamos on cars are no longer in use and modern vehicles are fitted with alternators for their advantages.
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The dynamo (or DC generator) was heavy, had to be running at a fairly high speed to put out over 12 volts to charge the battery sufficiently, and the brushes wore down quickly. The
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A dynamo converts mechanical motion of a driven wheel into electrical motion, with the aid of a magnet. A dynamo has a number of magnets all with insulated wires ...
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