How Does a Car Start?


A car starts by means of several things happening at once. The battery gives power to the starter and to the ignition system. The fuel is distributed into the engine by the fuel injector system. The spark plugs deliver the fire to ignite the fuel and that is how a car starts.
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1. Engage the vehicle's emergency/parking brake. 2. Put the vehicle's gear shifter into the "Park" position.
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1. Verify that the manual transmission stick shift is in the "Neutral" position and the clutch is pushed in or that the automatic transmission is set to the "Park"
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How Does a Car Start?
The battery provides a vehicle with the twelve volts necessary to power things when the car isn't actually running. For startup purposes, the battery is responsible for sending electricity to the starter, the coil and the distributor, as well as a hot... More »
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If you want to start your car you will need fuel. Then the car engine convert the gasoline into motion and your car starts to move. If you want to drive a car you need to take driving lessons.
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