How Does a Catapult Work?


Catapults work by storing tension either in twisted ropes or in a flexed piece of wood in the same way an archery bow does, but on a larger scale. The gears are important, because they create a winch which allows a person to put a great deal of energy into the catapult over a period of time.
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How Does a Catapult Work?
"Catapult" is the name given to a variety of related siege weapons used to hurl projectiles without the use of explosives. Crucial during Medieval times and even earlier, these simple machines make use of stored energy to release a projectile, or... More »
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The catapult has a basket on the end of a movable arm to hold the object. Tension is applied to the arm, and the bindings are cut or removed. The arm then succumbs to the tension and flips to the other side, like pulling a rubber band and then releasing the object which is propelled forwards.
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