How Does a Chicken Egg Become Fertilized?


males, called roosters, have reproductive organs known as testes, which produce sperm, which are transferred to the sperm sacs. It takes only thirty seconds for the roosters to deposit sperm in the reproductive tract of the hens. The sperm that leave the body of the rooster through an opening called cloaca, enters the oviduct of the female and travel through the various parts of the reproductive organs to reach the infundibulum, a fennel-shaped organ. In this journey, which takes almost one week to reach the destination, these sperm pass through the shell gland of the hen, then isthmus and magnum, finally to reach infundibulum. Read more on the following site.
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1. Wait until the eggs have been in the incubator for one week. Wash your hands. Remove the egg from the incubator carefully. Place it on a soft cloth. Place the flashlight over the
If a chicken's been inseminated by a rooster, she'll lay fertilized eggs. If she
An egg changes to a chicken step by step. First, the hen (female chicken) lays the egg. Then, she sits on them to keep them warm while the chick (baby chicken) stars forming inside
it's fertilized before the egg is laid, and before the hard shell is around it. A rooster is needed to help with this process. Once a hen (female chicken) is fertilized, she can lay
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