How Does a Chiller Work?


Air cooled water chillers are a type of vapour compression refrigeration systems and they start with a cool low pressure mix of liquid and vapour entering the chillers evaporator where it absorbs the heat through the chillers expansion valve leading to a large pressure drop in the circuit. They work by transferring heat of from the water to the chillers refrigerant boiling the gas inside. Hot water enters from one side and chilled water comes out the other side.
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Commercial chillers work by passing air through coils which are submersed in water. Through this process, the air becomes cooled and is then distributed in the form of air conditioning
A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. A vapor-compression water chiller is comprised of the 4 major components
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The main components of a vapour compression refrigeration system are the evaporator expansion valve, condenser and compressor then the vapour compression refrigeration systems have a refrigeration cycle, the cycle starts with a cool low pressure mixture of liquid and vapour refrigerant entering the chillers evaporator, and once inside the chillers the evaporator it absorbs the heat from the relatively fluid or warm water that the fluid chillers is cooling, the transfer of heat boils the liquid refrigerant in the chillers evaporator and the super-heated vapour is pulled into the chillers compressor. The high pressure liquid refrigerant then enters the chillers expansion the valve causing a large pressure drop across the chillers refrigerant circuit, then the pressure reduction causes a small portion of the refrigerant to boil off, or flash, this would be seen in the chillers site glass, also the site glass indicates if the chillers is short of gas, if the chillers is short of refrigerant gas the flashing inside the chillers site glass will increase and the boiled off refrigerant helps cool the remaining refrigerant to the desired temperature before the mixture enters the chillers evaporator to start the cycle again.
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