How does a Coffee Maker Work?


Understanding how works a coffee maker is simple. First, inside the coffee maker, there are three parts that you will find:

1-A little bucket that holds the water when your pour it into the pot at the start of the coffee-making cycle.
2-A tube that carries the hot water to the drip area.
3- The drip area: Water arrives here from the hot-water tube and simply falls through the holes into the coffee grounds.

The heating element is also an important part of the coffee-making and has two jobs:

1- It boils the water when you first put the water in the coffee-maker
2- It keeps the coffee warm once the coffee has been made.

Now, here is how it works:

When you pour in cold water, it flows from the bucket through the hole in the bottom of the bucket and into the orange tube. The water then flows through the one-way valve into the aluminium tube in the heating element, and then partially up to the black tube. It all happens because of gravity.

When you turn the switch on, the heating element starts heating the aluminium tube and the water starts to broil, in the tube.

Finally, when the water broils, the bubbles rise up in the black tube and then, the water flows out the end of the black tube to drip into the coffee.
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How Does a Coffee Maker Work?
Most people can't get started in the morning without a good swift kick to the pants. Well, that or a nice strong cup of coffee! But how does your coffee maker take regular cold tap water and turn it into a cup of steaming, rich, black deliciousness?... More »
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A coffee maker works by sucking the water from the back of the machine and heating it up. It then pushes it through a tub onto the coffee grounds and then out the hole in the bottom of the grounds into the pot.
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