How Does a Combine Harvester Work?


A combine harvester works like a threshing machine. It takes up stalks of grain and runs them through a series of processors. It pushes the grains into a revolving wheel that grips them, cutting them. Finally, when the tank holding the finished grain is full, a trailer is pulled up to the side of the combine and loaded with grain.
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1. Prepare the combine for use. Since a combine harvester is typically used only a few times per year, you must clean and examine it well before each use. Make sure that the chains
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( ′käm′bīn ′här·və·stər ) (agriculture) A machine for harvesting legumes and grasses; cuts off the plant tops, then beats
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How Does a Combine Harvester Work?
The name "combine" comes from the combination of the harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning functionality in a single machine--the combine harvester. Before agricultural equipment to harvest large crops was invented, harvesting a crop of grain was... More »
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