How Does a Comet Begin and End?


A comet is composed if rock, ice, frozen gasses, and dust particles. It is thought that comets are remnants of materials leftover from the formation of the solar system, 4.5 billion years ago.
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The Comet begins to form out of rock, dust, and ice. As it travels it eventually begins to melt and then the melted part forms a tail as it orbits the sun. Eventually the entire comet melts and dies out.
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Comets originate in the 'Oort Cloud' - a cloud of ice and debris surrounding the solar system far out beyond the orbits of the planets. If one of these pieces of debris manages to
A comet begin as a cloud of rock, dust and ice. As it orbits the Sun, it begins to melt, forming a tail behind it as it moves. It eventually dies out, melting like ice.
Comets, made from debris, are thrown from these outer reaches of the Solar System
Comets are like women. Their relevance and popularity rises when they come of age and peaks around the time they reach the ground, and then they age and vanish into obscurity. : But
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