How Does a Compass Work?


A compass consists of magnetized pointers which are unattached enabling them to move and align with the Earth's magnetic field. If the electrical charges of the Earth move south, a compass' pointer will also 'point' in that direction. Modern compasses are designed with markings to help the user tell dictions efficiently.
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How Does a Compass Work?
A majority of Westerners are introduced to the use of a compass as a Boy Scout or Girl Scout. This introduction happens on a trek through a forest or around a field. The purpose is to show that this ancient piece of technology is an effective means of... More »
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A compass has a pointer which works as a magnet. This magnetic pointer detects the Earth's magnetic fields, and generally is set to point in the Northern direction. You can find more information here:
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A compass works because they have magnetic pointers that are able to move and align with the earth's magnetic field. Compasses help millions of people everyday. ...
A magnetic compass operates by suspending a magnetic element and observing the movement as it aligns itself with the poles or magnetic north. You can find more ...
A gyro compass works by using a fast-spinning inner disc and the rotation of the Earth to find geographical locations. This spinning disc is called a gyroscope ...
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