How Does a Desiccator Work?


A desiccator works by having a desiccant such as silica contained within it to absorb the moisture from a substance and the air surrounding it. You can find more information here:
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Desiccation is what happens to your hands once they dry out. Once the water is missing your hands become dry. The same goes for the disks in your back and neck. For more information
The English word 'desiccation' has a couple of senses or meanings: 1: the process of extracting moisture; 2: dryness resulting from the removal of water.
1. Put any used desiccant into a waterproof plastic bag such as a Ziploc bag and store it in any cupboard out of the reach of children. You can reuse the desiccant at another time
( ′des·ə′kād·ər ) (chemical engineering) A closed vessel, usually made of glass and having an airtight lid, used for drying solid chemicals
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A desiccant air dryer is a device which is used to form compressed air to remove water vapour. Most of these dryers are found in commercial facilities and they ...
Gas towers work using solid desiccants, such as activated alumina or a granular silica gel material. When wet natural gas is passed through these towers from the ...
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