How does a distributorless ignition system work?


Out of the many types of ignition system, the distributorless one offers several advantages, the lack of moving parts that easily wear off and the more accurate control on the sparking time being only a couple of these. The principle behind the working of a distributorless ignition system is that here each spark plug has a coil placed right on itself, not like the other types of ignition systems that carry only one, central coil. The transistors are driven by the engine control unit and break the grounding of the circuit, generating the spark.
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For the sake of space and time, I will answer how a distributorless ignition system works by first assuming that a basic knowledge of an ignition system with a distributor works. Aside from not having a distributor, this system does not have a large central coil. Another difference is that there are no high voltage spark plug wires. The coil is usually a part of the spark plug itself. With a distributorless system, the engine control unit has far more precise control over timing.
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