How Does a Door Lock Work?


A door lock has a tang which is inside a cylinder that runs through the doorknob and into the door. The locking mechanism of a door lock happens where the tang sits partially inside and outside of the cylinder, which prevents the doorknob from being turned. For the unlocking, the tang is resting fully inside of the cylinder and the doorknob can turn.
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Most house doors are unlocked with a key. Without the right key, the lock won't open. Inside a lock is a cylinder, which runs through the doorknob and into the door. Inside the cylinder
1. Remove the existing handset. From the inside of the door, you will be able to access two screws that hold the exterior and interior handles together. Remove these screws with a
1. Remove the two Phillips screws in the arm rest and the singular screw holding the cover in front of the door handle. Remove the outside mirror cover by prying it off with the common
1. Understand the basic lock forms. Most locks are either cylindrical or mortised. A cylindrical lock is installed through a round hole in the door. When it is viewed from the edge
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How Does a Door Lock Work?
The two most common types of locks in a home are simple key locks in a doorknob and deadbolt locks. Key locks contain a small cylinder that runs down the middle of the doorknob and into the door. Inside the cylinder are all the parts that work together... More »
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