How Does a Flushing Toilet Work?


When you turn the handle to flush the toilet, the following happens; the chain moves the flush valve, then water enters into the drain hole and finally the waste is swept away.
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1. Before using the toilet, turn the handle to "Wet" and pump a small amount of water into the bowl. 2. After using the toilet, add ample water to rinse the bowl and lines
1. Put your hand on the handle. Ad. 2. Pull the chain gently down. Don't pull too hard or you may snap the chain or lever at the top. When the water is not coming, or comes very slow
John Harrington, 1596 England. Inside toilets were around for a long time beginning in 2500 BC; they just didn't have a flushing breast mechanism. Sir John Harrington did invent and
its easy to push down rather then push up.
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How Does a Flushing Toilet Work?
The toilet is not typically discussed at dinner parties, but it is a part of everyone's life. As a matter of fact, the toilet is a household item that's often taken for granted until it doesn't work. When the flushing mechanism malfunctions, the water... More »
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There are a number of reasons why your toilet does not flush properly. One reason is if the lift wire may not be raising the flush ball up enough and the outrushing ...
When you flush the trip lever, it then lifts a rubber stopper, normally called a tank ball or the flush valve seat ball from the flush valve and lets the water ...
To replace a toilet flush mechanism, first turn off the water supply and disconnect the hose that runs from the tank. Using a wrench, unscrew the toilet flush ...
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