How does a Fountain Pen Work?


A fountain pen works just like any other type of pen. Inside the pen is a tube casing of ink that flows to the opening point of the pen.
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How Does a Fountain Pen Work?
Although fountain pens may seem quaint to many people, they actually represented a big advance on the pens that came before them. Before fountain pens, people relied on dip pens, quill pens, reeds and brushes. All of these needed to be recharged with ink... More »
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Lewis Waterman invented the feed that holds the ink inside a fountain pen. Lewis came up with the idea after having a horrible experience with a pen that leaked and losing a contract
1. Look at the nib of the fountain pen. A stylograph doesn't feature a true nib, but has a thin steel wire that extends through the pen and out the tip. A safety pen contains a retractable
1 Decide on what type of fountain pen you have: Cartridges: Has cartridges to fit into the pen Lever: Has a lever in the middle of the pen to compress sac Plunger: Unscrews end of
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A fountain pen is a nib pen that contains an inner reservoir of water-based fluid ink. From the reservoir, the ink is strained through a feed to the pen's nib ...
Cleaning a fountain pen is the best way to ensure that the pen lasts a long time and doesn't have to be taken to a nib specialist for repair. A fountain pen should ...
Most fountain pens are filled by dipping the nib into ink. There are several ways this can be done, depending on what type of fountain pen you have. For more ...
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