How Does a Futon Work?


A futon works as a couch when it is in an up position. You would then slide the back down in order to form it into a bed. This is generally a simple process and the futon would lock down. When you were ready to put it back up you would unlatch it and re-lock it in an upright position.
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How Does a Futon Work?
Futons are interchangeable sofa-beds with mattresses and wooden frames. Futon beds save space due to their mechanical design, easily reclining into a sofa or unfolding into a cozy bed. Having a spare futon bed can be useful for emergencies. But in all... More »
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A futon is simple a floor pallet. It is often rolled up and stored away, and is sometimes placed on a wood or metal frame for height and support. They are made of all sorts of materials
A futon is a Japanese padded mattress that can be rolled up for portable uses much like a sleeping bag.'s_a_futo...
1. Drill holes 1 inch from the end of the 2-by-4 boards large enough to slide the bolts through the holes. Four boards need only one hole each and the remaining two boards need one
First set up the futon frame, arranging the pieces so they not only site like a couch but also smoothly lay out into a bed. Add the futon mattress and you are done.
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