How does a Gristmill Work?


A gristmill works by grinding grain between two millstones. The grinding action used to break the grains down into flour can be powered by water wheels, livestock, or engines that use fossil fuels. You can find more information here:
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With a turn of a wheel that is usually powered by water the grain is then made in to flour, bagged and lifted up. Now in days these type of mills are not used.
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the gristmill grinds wheat
1. Decide what materials to use to build the waterwheel. Early colonial waterwheels were made of oak, but even stout oak rots in a few years from water exposure. A welded steel or
A gristmill is a mill for grinding grain.
(grĭst'mĭl') n. A mill for grinding grain.
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A gristmill works with the aid of several pieces, including what is called a 'bucket leg', which is a series of connected buckets, and a conveyor belt. You can ...
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First, corn is poured down a chute. The chute fills up buckets and takes it up ...
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